Monday, November 4, 2013

Team Postmortems: An Introduction

Our first recurring feature here on Baseball Arcade will be the 2013 Team Postmortems. The genesis of the idea came about after I did my Games To Watch feature on the Penny Arcade Forums and went looking for off-season projects in a similar vein to keep the thread active. I remembered when, earlier in the season, I went on a rant on what a terrible GM Ruben Amaro, Jr is. TheScruple responded by saying he looked forward to my analysis on the 2014 Yankees. So I decided I could try my hand at breaking down all 30 MLB Clubs 2013 Seasons as well as their hopes going forward into 2014.

The Team Postmortems are my most ambitious project yet, so the early entries may be a little rocky as I find my 'voice'. I'll be posting on a M/W/F schedule, starting with the team with the worst record (the Houston Astros) and ending with the World Champion Boston Red Sox. The format for the entries is as follows:

Record: The teams regular season record and run differential

Summary: An overview on the team's 2013 season, looking into various players and performances, as well as a look at the state of the organization heading into 2014 and beyond.

Team MVP/LVP: Mostly a fun tidbit, the best and worst players on the team purely by fWAR. Yes, I'm aware WAR has it's flaws, but it serves our purpose in helping us be amazed by Mike Trout or horrified by Yuniesky Betancourt.

Down On The Farm: A look at the organization's farm system, highlighting two of the team's prospects.

If APOD Was GM: This one may get a name change. The idea here is that I take a look at a move or two I would make in the off-season if I was the team's General Manager. As I've written these, I quickly realized that there is a very good reason I'm not a GM - I have no idea what I'm doing. They have morphed into a more general look at what the team may do in the off-season. Expect a name change accordingly.

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