Monday, November 4, 2013

So, Who Am I and What's Going On Here?

So, just in case anyone should should stumble across this blog, I thought a quick word or two on what's going on here may be appropriate.

This blog is (or if you're reading in a future where I'm an incredible wealthy and successful blogger, it started as) a companion blog to the MLB Thread at the Penny Arcade Forums (Future Reader: Just how many PAXes are there now? 15? 28?). The short of it is, I started during the 2013 stretch run to write a daily set of Games To Watch, highlighting two games per day (Future Reader: At the time, there where only two leagues and we didn't have teams from other dimensions) and examining the pitchers involved. It was my first attempt to actually write about baseball and apply what meager knowledge of analysis I'd gained over the years. Turns out, I enjoyed myself and the readers seemed to enjoy it too! As such, I decided to start writing more content for the thread, in order to keep discussion flowing during the off-season, and quickly discovered that the post size limitations were a problem. The ever-wise Minor Incident suggested a blog, so here we are.

So, Baseball Arcade will be a home to my longer-form baseball musings and analysis, predominantly designed to foster discussion in the MLB Thread. (Future Readers: Little did I know the kind of Multimedia Empire I would be launching). Hopefully, we'll get some of the other thread denizens to chime in with guests posts and the like as well.

As for who I am? Well, you should know I'm a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, but I'll try my best to keep that from biasing any writings on the AL East and, in particular, the New York Yankees (Future Readers: The Yankees were a ballclub that were notorious rivals of the Red Sox before they were contracted).

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