Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rounding the Bases: 11/21 - 11/27

Today, I launch a new feature at Baseball Arcade. Every Thursday, I will be posting a roundup of the previous week's major news stories and transactions in baseball. I will also be posting links to a couple excellent articles from across the baseball 'blog-o-sphere.'


11/21 - Kansas City Royals sign RHP Jason Vargas to a 4/$32 contract

11/22 - Milwaukee Brewers trade RHP Burke Badenhop to Boston Red Sox for mL LHP Luis Ortega
11/22 - St Louis Cardinals trade 3B David Freese and RHP Fernando Salas to Los Angeles Angels for CF Peter Bourjos and mL OF Randal Grichuk
11/22 - New York Mets sign OF Chris Young to a 1/$7.25 contract

11/23 - New York Yankees sign C Brian McCann to a 5/$85 deal with 6th year vesting option

11/24 - St Louis Cardinals sign IF Jhonny Peralta to a 4/$53 contract
11/24 - Tampa Bay Rays re-sign C Jose Molina to a 2/$4.5 contract
11/24 - Los Angeles Dodgers sign Dan Haren to a 1/$10 contract with 2nd year vesting option

11/25 - Kansas City Royals trade C George Kottaras to Chicago Cubs for cash considerations

11/26 - Minnesota Twins sign RHP Ricky Nolasco to a 4/$49 contract with 5th year option

Blog Links

Chris Carruthers (Breaking Blue) wrote an excellent article, "The R.A. Dickey Effect", where he examines the effect batters having to face Dickey and his knuckleball has on the relievers who come in after him.

Bill Baer (Crashburn Alley) reminds everyone that, despite the Tigers escaping from the Fielder contract, Ryan Howard is never going anywhere. Ever.

Bruce Markusen (Hardball Times) takes an in-depth look at the recently recovered footage from Jim Maloney's 1965 no-hitter, with a focus on how the coverage of the sport has changed.

Rany Jayazerli (Rany on the Royals) examines the Jason Vargas deal. Unsurprisingly, he thinks it's a bad move for KC.

Dave Cameron (Fangraphs) looks at how the market is changing and the cost of a Win is on the rise.

For the really bold, Bryan Grosnick (Beyond the Box Score) proposes a new bullpen role: "opener"

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