Monday, December 9, 2013

Blog Update: A Very Brief Interruption

Howdy, folks. I just wanted to give an update on content this week here at Baseball Arcade.

I'm moving this week. It was pretty much a complete surprise. We found out in the last week of November that we had to be out of our current place by December 31st, since it's being converted from a subdivided house to a single family residence.. Unfortunately, due to holiday travel plans, the actual move date has to be the 15th. Between the apartment hunting (which is now complete) and packing, I've had precious little time to actually write. As such, you can expect very little content on the blog this week as move prep ramps up to full speed.

I should be able to deliver one or two posts this week (one on the Mariners signing Robinson Cano and, hopefully, another on Roy Halladay's retirement and Hall of Fame resume). Other than that, expect a pretty quiet week. I should hopefully be back on schedule next week. Thanks for reading and for your patience.

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